Data stored on your cloud drives is not encrypted by default. XOOUi provides you a really easy way to securely back up your data to your cloud drives such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

XOOUi provides true zero-knowledge data storage with the simplicity of a dropbox-like interface.

No plug-ins or software installation needed - works completely in your browser!


cloud data privacy
Keep your data private without breaking a sweat

Xooui lets you use the accounts you already have and trust, such as Box, DropBox, Amazon cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. You control where your data is stored. Xooui does not touch your data


When it comes to data security, zero knowledge is a good thing. No one, including Xooui can decipher or read your data. Yet, if you forget your password, you can reset it so you will never lose your data. See our FAQ for details on how we achieve this. 


Xooui can be used completely from the browser. So there is no software to install, no updates to perform. Just point your browser to a url and go. 


Your data is accessible from anywhere you can use a browser and access the internet. 



Xooui has multiple apps that allow you to handle your most sensitive data with complete privacy and ease.  Passwords, Bitcoin, Notes and Backups allow you to run apps that handle your most sensitive data.


What do I need to get started?

You need to have an existing account with at least two of the following cloud drives – Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive. We will be adding support for more soon – email us if there is one that you want added. If you don’t have existing accounts, you can sign up for free accounts from Box, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you already have an account with Amazon Cloud Drive.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in your accounts on the following cloud drives - Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive. Xooui does not provide storage. When you set up your account with Xooui, you will select the drives you are using and will directly authenticate with them. On each drive you select, a new folder will be created and your files will be stored in those folders.

How do you ensure that no one else can see my data?

We use the latest in-browser AES-256 bit cipher to encrypt your files with a randomly generated cryptographically secure key. Then your file contents are split and separate chunks are stored on the cloud drives. This ensures that even if any of the drives gets hacked or compromised, all they will get is fragments of data that cannot be deciphered by even the most powerful computers, now or in the future.

Does that mean I need to remember encryption keys for my files?

Nope. We believe you should have the freedom to not have to deal with encryption keys. The keys are stored in a patent-pending scheme where the key is fragmented and embedded in the file fragments that are stored on different cloud drives. The key is then automatically regenerated at the time of file access provided you have authenticated yourself to all your cloud drives.

So how are you different from other client-side encryption solutions?

Our aim is to make things simple without compromising our core mission of data privacy. You do not need to manage encryption keys, yet neither Xooui nor your cloud provider can possibly decipher your data. Traditional client-side encryption services require you to mange and protect your passwords or encryption keys yourself. If these are lost or stolen, your data is unrecoverable. With Xooui, the only passwords you need to remember are the Xooui password and the passwords to your cloud drives, all of which can be easily reset without ever compromising your data.

But if someone hacks into all my accounts on dropbox, box, google etc., will he be able to get hold of my data?

It's possible, but the likelihood of that happening is extremely low. Most data breaches happen when a service provider is targeted and hacked, rather than a specific user. If you are a public figure or otherwise a target for hackers, Xooui does offer an additional layer of protection but that comes with the cost of additional complexity. Contact us to know more about this feature.

This sounds complicated.

It couldn't be easier. There is no software to install - everything works in your browser. There are no encryption keys to manage. You get a file browser interface that is all point and click. We don't need to know anything from you except a secure way to establish ownership of an account. We currently use your email address to do that, but we will soon support a mobile number and a bitcoin address.

So what does it cost?

We are currently rolling out a private beta. we do plan to start charging for advanced features, but basic usage will be free. We expect to announce pricing later this year

What is Zero-Knowledge storage?

Most cloud drives that provide storage do not encrypt your data. The data may be transmitted over a secure connection, but once on your cloud server, it is stored unencrypted. There are many good reasons for this - it makes it easy for the data to be indexed and searched and also makes it easy for it to be shared. In some cases the cloud provider encrypts the data for you, but keeps the encryption keys or password in its own separate storage. In either case, the cloud provider is said to have 'knowledge' about your data and can read your data - whether for legal purposes or inadvertently as a result of the cloud provider being hacked. Zero knowledge refers to the case where data is encrypted before being transmitted to the cloud drive and the encryption keys or password are with the user, never to be shared with the cloud provider. The upside of zero-knowledge is greater security, but the downside is that it is now the users' responsibility to secure and backup the keys.

What is n-factor authentication?

n-factor authentication is the logical extension of a popular security protocol used nowadays called two-factor authentication. It simply means that you authenticate yourself to a service using more than one independent authentication method, each of which can be separately verified and securely reset, if necessary. Xooui allows you to use up to 5-factor authentication. However, we keep it easy to use - we believe security that is intrusive or that imposes onerous restrictions on the user eventually fails to protect.

How secure is your encryption?

We use standard, AES 256 bit encryption with random, cryptographically secure keys being generated automatically for every file stored. For efficiency and speed, we use the WebCrypto APIs available on most modern browsers.

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FAQ - Cloud Data Privacy



IIf you are a developer and would like to create web applications that require the ability to store user data securely in the cloud, please drop us an email at We are developing the REST and Javascript API that will enable you to do just that.